Q: Is the eavestrough Deluxe Eavestrough supplies and installs seamless?

A: Yes, all straight runs of eavestrough are "seamless" and technically a 600' piece of eavestrough could be manufactured and installed. Joints have to be made at corners though...  Deluxe Eavestrough hand cuts their mitres for the cleanest finish and least number of seams possible.  We then seal them using high quality Gutter Seal, not the typical caulking you'd purchase at the hardware store.

Q: Does small debris and shingle grit pass through the leaf guard screen?

A: Yes, but small debris doesn't doesn't cause your eavestrough or downpouts to clog.  The explanation I give is this leaf guard doesn't keep eavestrough clean, it keeps it from clogging.

Q: Why does Deluxe Eavestrough use large 3"x3" downspouts instead of the standard 2.5"x2.5"?

A: We used "large" downspouts because they can handle a larger amount of water flow and have less chance of clogging.  The cost difference is minimal between large and small downspouts so we absorb the difference and sell large downspouts at the standard going rate. Our customers then benefit from a more robust eavestrough system.

Q: How does Deluxe Eavestrough fasten vinyl siding.

A: Deluxe Eavestrough using washer head screws instead of standard roofing type nails.  This benfits the customer with a more preicly installed and better secured siding at no extra cost.

Q: Why doesn't my newly installed eavestrough have "fasteners" visible on the front like the old eavestrough did?

A: Deluxe Eavestrough uses heavy duty "hidden" hangers that fasten and hold from the inside of the eavestrough.  Hangers are stronger, don't come loose and are invisible from the ground.  

Q: Why is darker coloured siding more expensive then lighter colours?

A: All vinyl siding is made from the same material.  The reason darker siding is more expensive is that it has to be thicker to resist distorting from the increased heat a darker colour absorbs.



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